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Call for papers: how can novel data sources and technology enhance peace?

The Data & Policy Journal is looking for manuscripts on enhancing peace with new data sources and technology

Data and technology can play a critical role in fostering peace and preventing future conflicts. To better understand this, the Data & Policy Journal of Cambridge University has established a peer-reviewed, open-access journal on the ways in which new data sources and technology enhance peace. The journal is now inviting contributions for a special collection of papers on ‘Data for Peace: how novel data sources and technology can enhance peace?’.

The aim of this collection is to investigate how new data sources and technology can support the enhancement of peace by examining local and global practices that strive towards social and political peace using technology and data. The journal seeks to explore how data collection, analysis and use of data and technology can be designed and implemented in an ethical manner. Moreover, they aim to understand the legal and regulatory tools used to ensure ethical use of data and technology.

The insights of this research could support policymakers, practitioners and researchers in the field of peace and technology. Data-driven approaches to peace(building) can help identify and target the roots of conflicts, be of potential use for compromises in agreements and improve the evaluation and monitoring of peace-related operations. Finally, the Data & Policy Journal aims to give a comprehensive and multidisciplinary perspective on data and technology for peace with insights and recommendations.

Do you want to contribute? On the Data & Policy website, you can find a list of relevant topics for submission, as well as details on the submission process and deadlines. Deadline for papers is 2nd October 2023

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