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Data Talks: Check-the-Facts

Save the date and join the webinar on “Check-the-Facts” with Jasmin Kareem and Eva van Rooijen

On Wednesday 7 April at 11:00 CET, Jasmin Kareem and Eva van Rooijen join us for a discussion on Check-the-Facts.

This collaboration project between Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and KOOP (Knowledge Centre for Government Publications) provides a platform for high school students who need access to information to choose their future studies. In order to help students make their choice, the platform combines public, open data and creates value with the perspective of the end-user in mind.

During the talk we will discuss:

  • The work of Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Knowledge Centre for Government Publications (KOOP);
  • The design of the Check-the-Facts tool; and
  • The implications for students, and the educational sector.

Register and join the Data Talks.

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