Discover the key insights of the Panel Discussion on Data Ownership |
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Discover the key insights of the Panel Discussion on Data Ownership

Recap of last week’s panel discussion on the implications of the Data Act for Data Ownership

Last Friday on the 8th of December, the data.europa academy hosted a compelling session, gathering a panel of industry experts and thought leaders to navigate the complexities of data ownership. This insightful forum focused on carefully examining specific data categories - provided, generated, observed, derived, and inferred - each potentially affected by the recently adopted Data Act on September 24th. Notably, the Data Act seamlessly aligns with the Data Governance Act, both critical parts of the broader European Strategy for Data. European Strategy for Data.

Experts from different sectors shared their key considerations around users' rights under EU law and the forthcoming Data Act, examining fairness in terms of portability, access, and sharing rights. The panel discussion involved a thorough exploration of key questions, including an examination of the distinct data concepts that define the uniqueness of each category, consideration of applicable or currently relevant claims of legal ownership, and an analysis of the potential impact of the upcoming Data Act on the existing data landscape.

The panel discussion laid the groundwork for upcoming research, serving for the foundation for the upcoming paper which will provide a policy deep dive on legal issues. This research aims to forecast the Data Act's impact on various data categories, exploring the legal claims users might have . Following the panel discussion, a report summarising the session's findings and expert insights will be published, offering a comprehensive overview of the discussed themes and implications. Stay tuned for this interesting report, providing in-depth analysis and valuable takeaways!

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