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Do you want to explore and learn how to code?

Fourth EU Code Week coming up

From 15 to 23 October, multiple events are organised in the frame of EU Code week. During this week, millions of children, (young) adults, entrepreneurs, and policymakers will come together at events to learn how to bring ideas to life through code. The idea behind this week was launched four years ago as a means to support the development of the Digital Agenda, now known as the Digital Single Market.

With a rapidly advancing world due to technological innovations, the way we work, communicate, shop and live has changed dramatically over the years. In order to deal with these rapid changes, make sense of the new digital world and harness the benefits it brings, it is important to have a clear understanding how technology works. Furthermore, with a good set of skills and capabilities in this field, more people can contribute to the development of further technological advances. In this frame, learning to code helps to get an understanding how technology works and enables people to start creating things by themselves. With more people knowing how to code, more applications in all fields can be created, unleashing the creativity of people. During EU Code Week, the organisation therefore tries to engage with as many people as possible.

By organising this event, the organisers not only foresee to make more people enthusiastic about code for personal motivations but also to stimulate people seeking a career in IT. As a key pillar in the European economy, the demand for skilled IT professionals is growing faster than new professionals are trained. Do you want to know more about Code Week? Or do you want to join in one of the events? Read more about it by following the link below.

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