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EU launches a new platform for aid data

The EU Aid Explorer shows the development and humanitarian aid funding of EU and Member States

In March 2019, the European Commission launched a new user-friendly platform to access and re-use EU aid data: the EU Aid Explorer. The platform contains data about projects that are funded by the European Commission, the European Investment Bank, EU Trust Funds - such as the Emergency Trust Fund for Africa and the Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis - and by all 28 EU Member States. The EU Aid Explorer encourages development practitioners, partner countries, media, academia, and the general public to use data to make development and humanitarian assistance more effective.

The new EU Aid Explorer website provides filters so that users can find data quickly and easily. The available data can be explored from an aggregated perspective per donor (e.g. European Commission), recipient (e.g. countries receiving development/humanitarian support), sector (e.g. agriculture) and channel of delivery (e.g. UN) or a combination of these perspectives. Data from the European Commission is updated daily, and the data from the EU Member States and the European Investment Bank is updated monthly.

Are you interested in reliable aid data? Discover an overview of the main figures related to the EU support and the different recipients, donors, sectors and channels on EU Aid Explorer or explore more datasets on the European Data Portal.

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