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Hacking for Political integrity

Slovenia organises hackathon on local expenditures

On 15 June, the Slovenian government and Transparency International organised a hackathon where participants were asked: how can Open Data re-use prevent corruption and stimulate good governance? With financial data from the local level, the event focused on four 'challenges' around the use of Open Data to analyse the financial policies of municipalities, for example by analysing the costs of the municipalities per number of inhabitants or the salaries of public servants in relation to the size of the municipalities.

During the event the participants came up with ideas like visualisations on the expenditures in the state budget and the budget of the municipalities. These visualisations were not only presented to enhance transparency by providing detailed information on projects, but also to stimulate journalists to dive deeper within their work. By showing how Open Data can give insights into the functioning of the government, the organisation wants to encourage the re-use of publicly available data to enhance transparency and openness in order to contribute to the functioning of the Slovenian public sector.

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