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"Let's tackle Open Data" at Aporta 2018

Join the 8th edition of Aporta in Madrid on 28 November

The Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Functions and the public business entity red.es will be hosting the 8th edition of Aporta on 28 November in Madrid.

This year's Aporta carries the slogan "Emprendiendo con datos públicos" ("Let's tackle Open Data"). The event focuses on how public sector data drives entrepreneurship and innovation and what challenges and opportunities public administrations are facing for reusing Open Data. Companies and start-ups will be at the event to explain how to innovate and develop a new business process and system by using public data and present their vision of the future.

Register and join on 28 November to discuss and share experiences at Aporta 2018.

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