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Nazar City Bot

A Ukrainian start-up that creates open data-based services for local government agencies.

Nazar City Bot is a Ukrainian start-up, created in 2018, that uses governmental data to create open data-based services for local government agencies. The aim of the organisation is to address a common problem faced by all cities across Ukraine, which is that municipal call centres get overloaded with a flood of questions relating to the housing and utility infrastructure of their city. By creating open data-based services, such as their website, enable local residents to receive automatic notices about scheduled or emergency service disruptions at a specific address and keep track of repairs, for example.

Discover more about Nazar City Bot and other Ukrainian start-ups that use open data in Ukraine’s Country Insights blog post and join the European Data Portal (EDP) and Support Centre for Data Sharing’s (SCDS) Data Talk sessions on “How to profit from open data” next Wednesday 30 September.

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