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New Open Data report in France

How to support local authorities with Open Data?

On 17 October, the association OpendataFrance handed to Axelle Lemaire , Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, its Report on support systems for local authorities to open public data. This report has three objectives:

  1. Describe the state of play of the Open Data community in France;
  2. Propose support options for implementing Open Data at local and regional level;
  3. Provide support and pooling efforts at a national level.

To date, more than 10,000 data records were posted by a hundred pioneering local authorities, particularly through the national platform But in terms of Open Data, significant disparities remain among the larger and smaller towns, which lack the resources and skills to actively engage in Open Data. The report therefore recommends, among others, to support the efforts of communities through "data allocation" from the state, and to prioritise with local authorities a "common core of data" to open.

Want to know more about the findings and recommendations included in the report? Find out by following the link below.

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