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Outcome of the VisHack II hackathon

The team DataQuest won with their idea for a waste registration to tackle fishing waste on the Dutch coast

On 15 and 16 February 2019, The North Sea Foundation organised VisHack II - a hackathon that focused on fishing waste with the theme 'een afvalvrije visserij' (a waste-free fishery). The hackathon was held in the Dutch city Urk and had more than thirty participants that were committed to finding solutions for a cleaner sea. There were four multidisciplinary teams that worked together on four different challenges. The teams presented their results on 16 February in the afternoon and team DataQuest won 200 euros to develop their idea for waste registration. The team's idea is to develop a QR code to allow waste registration to increase transparency and control over fishing waste.

To find out more about the hackathon, read the article, explore the photos and watch the after movie.

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