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Use Open Data to find the best school in your region

Open Data allows parents to find and compare schools

Finding the right school is probably one of the most important decisions in many parents' lives. You would like your child to be educated in a place which provides a safe environment and offers high-quality education. Preferably, this school is located in your direct neighbourhood, and it should offer world-class facilities and the best teachers in town. But how to find schools satisfying all these criteria? Use Open Data!

Open Data does not only allow parents to identify the schools in the vicinity of their house, but it could also allow parents to compare the quality of schools based on a range of indicators. For example by looking at class sizes, average grades, infrastructure and the rating of the school based on reviews. This is best illustrated by some use cases, for instance RomaScuola in Italy or the School Portal in Moldova.

Using the Open Data available on the European Data Portal, the location of schools in the direct neighbourhood can be explored. An example on the location of primary schools comes from the German city of Rostock, available here. The map shows a clear geographical spread of primary schools in this city.

school regions

Interested in what Open Data can tell about schools in your area? Explore the data yourself by following the link below.

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