Discover the data.europa academy webinar on open data best practices |
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Discover the data.europa academy webinar on open data best practices

This webinar shares the story of Estonia and Slovenia selected for the 2022 report on Open Data Best Practices in Europe

Watch the recording of the latest data.europa academy webinar to learn more about Estonian and Slovenian open data success stories. In this session, national representatives of the open data team from Estonia (Sigrit Siht, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications) and Slovenia (Ales Versic, Office for Digital Transformation) share their knowledge and experience in steering the development of open data in their countries.  

As top performers in the 2021 Open Data Maturity assessment, Estonia and Slovenia were selected to be part of the 2022 report Open Data Best Practices in Europe. Starting from this publication, the webinar encourages peer learning across European countries in order to help other national teams to improve access to open data, safeguard the quality of open data publications, and increase the impact of open data across Europe.

In light of this, key take-aways from the stories of Estonia and Slovenia were: 

  • Creating a collaborative network of stakeholders with clear responsibilities is essential for a successful open data journey, 
  • Transparency is key to build a trustworthy open data ecosystem, 
  • The impact of open data remains difficult to assess, yet there are ways to estimate the impact created with the help of open data.

Curious to learn more? You can find the recording and the slideson the data.europa academy. 

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