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Exploring Open Data from Cyprus

First Hackathon to be organised in Cyprus

The value of Open Data is found in making use of it, whether it is by the public sector or by the private sector. To encourage the use of this resource, Cyprus is organising the first ever Hackathon on the island from 10 to 11 September to introduce people to the potential of Open Data. The 'Crowd-hackathon' is the final and largest activity of an effort to implement and promote a coherent Open Data policy in Cyprus. For example, by centralising all the Open Government Data through the National Open Data Portal. This Portal now invites interested people to delve into Open Data and to discover which applications can be built based upon it.

The objectives of the event are to generate an entrepreneurial interest in Open Data for the development of value adding products or services which can be economically exploitable. To catalyse the use of Open Data for innovation, the tools, applications and methodologies developed during the event will be shared for re-use as well. During this event, participants will learn about new technologies, business models and take the opportunity to expand their (business) network.

Although participation is already valuable, the organisers offer generous prizes for the three teams with the most distinguished applications. For example the winner of the first prize will receive €1,500 in cash, professional advice on how to further develop the winning concept, a full scholarship for a Master's degree at the European University of Cyprus, and an iPad Pro. Would you like to explore the Open Data of Cyprus? Read more on the event by following the link below.

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