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Gasolineras: A Spanish gas stations app

The application uses open data to show real time information about fuel prices


Open data can be used in various types of services to enable citizens to make informed decisions. One example of a service that exploits open data for this purpose is Gasolineras, a free Spanish application that was created as a response to the rapid increase in fuel prices in the spring of 2022. The application’s primary function is to show real time information about the price of fuel at any gas station across Spain and to enable users to make informed decisions about where they purchase their fuel. Fuel prices and service station data are obtained in real time through the REST service of the Geoportal of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge.

In the application, users can select their province and municipality or click directly at any point in the map to narrow their gas station selection. Afterwards, users can choose the order in which gas stations are displayed. The default function is to filter by price, from the cheapest to the most expensive gas station. In addition, Gasolineras calculates the average price in the province and municipality and indicates by colour if the price is above, below or within the range of the average. The application also indicates the percentage of loss and savings with respect to the average and allows users to select gas stations for ease of access in the future.  

The project is still evolving and will receive updates to add more functionality. To learn more about the application, explore the Gasolineras website.


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