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Intellectual Property Rights for Sustainability and Circularity

Enhancing innovation and sustainable practices with IP for business skills

In the wake of the Intellectual Property Rights for Sustainability and Circularity (IPR4SC) initiative, Europe is embracing a dynamic fusion of innovation, sustainability, and circularity. This project, co-funded by the European Union, empowers inventors, researchers, and businesses to navigate the complex intellectual property (IP) landscape for sustainable development. 

During a recent IPR4SC webinar, participants explored the world of Intellectual Property (IP) and its relevance to sustainability, circularity, and research transitions. The importance of IP data, including the newly developed beta version of the IP Monitor, was highlighted. The IP Monitor, a tool that navigates the multitude of available resources, enables users to find the most appropriate IP database, tool, or other resource, emphasizing the link between intellectual property, data, and research. In this context, open data serves as a valuable source of information for research projects, facilitating innovation in sustainable and circular business practices. 

Furthermore, the IPR4SC project aligns with open data principles by promoting the use of open resources and knowledge sharing. Open data has the potential to play a significant role within the IP Monitor, allowing for transparent and accessible information, aligning with the goals of the IPR4SC initiative. This also empowers users to harness comprehensive datasets, facilitating research in sustainable and circular business practices. 

In this dynamic environment, the IPR4SC initiative acts as a focal point for collaboration, where intellectual property, open data, research, and innovation come together to shape a more sustainable and circular future. Stay tuned for updates on how this initiative is making a big impact in driving innovation, research, and sustainable development in the European Union. For further information, you can explore the IPR4SC project directly on their website

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