Latvia launches new Open Data portal |
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Uradni portal za evropske podatke

Latvia launches new Open Data portal

A single portal for publishing open government data

The Latvian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (MEPRD) has launched the new Latvian Open Data Portal. This platform will provide a single point of access to open government data. The portal currently features 33 datasets from 13 data publishers, but this is expected to grow rapidly over time as more data publishers will gradually join the portal.

Data publishers are responsible for the data published on the portal. The MEPRD offers methodological support to publishers - material that also forms part of the content available on the portal. The technical operation of the portal is carried out by the State Regional Development Agency.

In addition to providing Open Data, the portal also offers other features, such as a section on data skills, an overview of events as well as references to content developed by European Data Portal, such as the video 'Explore Open Data'. The Latvian Open Data Portal is created using the open source technology platform and open source data catalogue of CKAN.

The new Latvian Open Data portal is harvested by the European Data Portal, which means that all data published on the Latvian data portal is also available on the European Data Portal.

Would you like to know more about the new Latvian portal? Read the press release or explore the data portal yourselves!

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