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Let's talk Open Source

The European Data Portal at OW2Con'16

From 21 to 22 September the eighth edition of the annual OW2Con will take place in Paris. During this conference, organised by the independent and global Open Source Community OW2, various speakers will address the delivery challenge of Open Source software. By taking into account the business perspective in which code is just a fraction of the software value chain, the community wants to further develop the business ecosystem of Open Source code.

The event will be structured around the theme "Code to Product: Addressing the delivery challenge of open source software". With the delivery challenge in mind, the event will discuss each step of the Open Source product chain, from code to viable product. For example which documentation is needed, how to package and market the software to the technical, financial and legal support. The conference will address these issues from multiple angles and examples, including a presentation on the Open Source architecture behind the European Data Portal. During the presentation, the technical team behind the European Data Portal will present the various elements such as the DCAT AP Specification in combination with CKAN.

The conference is a great way for participants to exchange thoughts and ideas on how to further strengthen the Open Source movement. This exchange will help developers to bridge the gap between creating code and delivering a product which is ready for the market. Want to know more about Open Source developments or on the technical architecture of the European Data Portal? Read more about this event by following the link below.

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