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Looking back at 2021 and looking ahead to 2022

An overview of our recent activities and those on the agenda for next year

As the year is coming to an end, the team behind data.europa.eu takes stock of the past year and looks ahead to the next.

2021 featured many highlights. In April, data.europa.eu was born out of the merge between the European Data Portal and the EU Open Data Portal. By joining forces, not only were we able to make more open data available, we also were able to show an even bigger audience the great societal and economic potential of open data.

This became even more obvious during the EU Open Data Days, where over 2000 participants saw open data in action. Under the tagline of Shaping our future with open data, the event featured the second iteration of EU DataViz, an international conference on open data and data visualisation for the benefit of EU public administration. Additionally, the event hosted the finals of the fifth edition of EU Datathon, a competition for application developers from around the world.

Aside from this successful event, the data.europa.eu team launched the data.europa academy, a learning hub for open data. It provides you with knowledge and tools to publish high-quality open data that lives up to legal and technical standards, whether you are an expert or just getting started. 

So, what’s next for 2022?

In February, we will showcase some of the open data best practices from across Europe. The European countries presented many great examples of open data re-use in the annual Open Data Maturity assessment and we will discuss some of them in more detail during a dedicated webinar.

There are also several reports coming up such as the report on citizen-generated data. On top of this, a grand revision of the portal is scheduled for 2022 to tailor data.europa.eu even more to user needs.

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