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News from the Open Data Portals of the EU Member States

Estonia uses insight from Open Data to answer questions around education

Spotted on the Estonian Open Data Portal

"In this "Open Data and Data Journalism" blog post will look more closely at educational issues. The school year is about to begin, and we will explore how popular private schools are. Here we look at the Estonian five-year trend and also zoom in at the last school year.

This post is follow-up to the ERR August 23rd news "Private schools are gaining in popularity" (in Estonian). This news raised a number of questions. How fast has the growth been? Has the number of schools multiplied? Has the number of students multiplied? Has the growth been constant? Where are private schools?

To answer these questions, I use the data of the Estonian Education Information System (EHIS) of the Ministry of Education and Research. The data in the post is the data for the last five academic years."

Read the full article on the Estonian Open Data Portal.

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