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Release planning of DCAT-AP in 2019

Submit your requests on GitHub by 19 April 2019

DCAT Application Profile for data portals in Europe (DCAT-AP) has been developed in the context of the Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA) Programme. DCAT-AP is a specification based on W3C's Data Catalogue vocabulary (DCAT) for describing public sector datasets in Europe. Its basic use case is to enable a cross-data portal search for data sets and make public sector data better searchable across borders and sectors. This can be achieved by the exchange of descriptions of data sets among data portals.

The Semantic Interoperability Community (SEMIC) - team invites the European data community to submit any problems with the current DCAT-AP release version or suggestions for new functionalities on the DCAT-AP repository on GitHub. All issues submitted by 19 April 2019 will be evaluated by the Operational Team and those classified as bug fixes will be taken into account for the bug fix release in May 2019. The new version of the specification, implementing the change requests, and the release documentation will be shared with the DCAT-AP Working Group for review at least two weeks before the scheduled publication date proposed for 20 May 2019.

In case there are any objections to the new release version, the Operational Team will consult with the objecting party and the Working Group to find a solution. The new release will be published once all objections are resolved. For the next major release in November 2019, the window for submitting issues categorised as major requests is already closed. However, it is still possible to accept minor changes until 1 September 2019 and bug fixes until 1 October 2019.

For questions, please send an e-mail to the SEMIC team or visit the DCAT-AP pages on Joinup.

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