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Strategies for open data projects

Discover three strategies for promoting the re-use of data published by public agencies

On 23 January 2020, the Opendatasoft team invited officials from six organisations to participate in a roundtable discussion regarding the circulation of data by public authorities both inside and outside their agencies. In these discussions, several common threads were identified and led to three strategies being identified to support open data projects. 

Strategy #1: Publish high-quality data that is understood by everyone. Data has often been used for internal analysis purposes and thus only intended for experts to use. Now, the information is being openly shared, meaning that it needs to be understood by everyone. By making data accessible to the public free of charge, the quality of the data can increase.

Strategy #2: Get everyone on board. When beginning an open data portal, the team needs to discuss what data is being shared and how the data will be organised, for example. For the portal or open data project to be successful, everyone needs to be reassured and onboarded and the importance of the work needs to be emphasised.

Strategy #3: Set your sights on new targets. Data re-use is one of the cornerstones of most open data projects. By incorporating data into an open data portal, it is possible to increase communities’ access to data and transform the data into decisions.

For more details, read Opendatasoft’s article on strategies to promote open data projects.

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