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Tree of Truth – an Estonian Use Case

The Tree of Truth website monitors progress towards strategic goals

Statistics Estonia, the national statistics institute of the country, developed an inspiring dashboard with open data for national strategic monitoring: “Tree of Truth”. The dashboard, displayed on a website, shows Estonia’s progress towards their national strategic goals based on the national statistics. Tree of Truth provides information within several categories: security and defence, foreign policy, law, agriculture, energy, transport, culture and sports, education, research and development, welfare, health, and environment. The dashboard is visually represented as a tree, of which each of these topics forms one branch, and the subtopics are leaves on that branch.

The tool is extremely useful to citizens and policy makers of Estonia, who are now able to access national strategic information in one intuitive, comprehensive overview. Providing access to these data increases public sector transparency greatly and provides a means to monitor the country’s progress through objective, and unbiased metrics.

On Wednesday 24 February at 11:00 CET, Mart Magi, the Director General of Statistics Estonia, will join the European Data Portal and Support Centre for Data Sharing team to discuss Tree of Truth. Save the date and join this Data Talks session!

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