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The vision and strategy of Tuscany on Open Data

A view on Open Data developments in the Italian region of Tuscany

The Italian region of Tuscany is achieving an effective open government in its territory, in the belief that open administration does not only coincide with the opening of data, but also in a new philosophy and a horizontal relationship with other institutions as well as with the community.

The Regional Law 19, adopted on 18 February 2015 and focusing on open government and Open Data, made this vision effective and concrete. In this context the multi-platform Open Toscana aims to bring the administration closer to citizens and enterprises by improving the access to data and by the provision of services. With Open Toscana anyone can not only find and use Tuscan Open Data but they can also have a proactive role. On the platform it is possible to promote ideas or share experiences in order to help Tuscany to improve the quality of the data or its administration.

On the part of the platform dedicated to the Open Data, citizens can find more than fourteen hundred datasets to download. These sets cover a number of subjects such as tourism, transport, timetable of regional trains, population demographics, geo-referenced data and more. The datasets are freely available (under CC-BY license) and citizens are encouraged not only to approach it in a passive way, but also to collaborate with local public sector bodies and companies in order to co-design applications using the open data.

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