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Open Data as an agent of change

Session Overview: This session examines the key characteristics of successful Open Data initiatives.

Session number: 3

Expected participants: Relevant to all, special relevance to those involved in organisational change

Type: Training or Presentation

Length: 1 hour

Exercises: No

Web based exercises: No

What to bring: Slides, Flipchart, Paper & Pens


Session Flow:

  1. Exploration of the key characteristics of successful Open Data initiatives - Facilitator should outline the 5 key criteria for successful Open Data initiatives (leadership mandate, demand for the data, engagement with users, cultural change in the institution and focus on impact)  and lead group exercise on putting each of the 5 into the context of the participants’ own work.
  2. Examining Open Data case studies - Facilitator should introduce specific examples of Open Data initiatives including their key characteristics, lessons learned and their applicability to other circumstances.
  3. Maturity Assessments - Facilitator should examine one or two chosen countries from either the Open Data Barometer if the group is government focussed or use the Open Data Maturity Model if more organisation focussed to see what their performance tells us about the priorities of their national Open Data programmes.




Companion eLearning Modules:

When running this session, we recommend that participants complete the following eLearning module before attending:

Open Data, Agent of Change

Completion of the module will help your learners develop a shared understanding of the material before the course and allow you to focus in greater depth on those topics of most interest to the trainees.

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