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  • External event

Data for Policy 2024

  • 09 juli 2024-11 juli 2024
  • London, United Kingdom

The 2024 edition of Data for Policy, in collaboration with Imperial College London and Cambridge University Press, focuses on the future of governance and decision-making with AI. With the overarching theme of the event being “Trustworthy Governance with AI?”, two topics will be at the heart of the conversation. Firstly, what are the emerging capabilities, use cases, and best practices enabling innovation that could contribute to improved governance with AI? Secondly, what concerns are being raised regarding these advancements in areas such as data, algorithms, privacy, security, fairness, and potential risks?

Researchers, practitioners, and policymakers are welcomed to the event, to chart a path towards more trustworthy decision-making and governance with the transformative potential of AI. In a world where AI-powered technologies are becoming integral to critical decision-making processes, it is time to chart a new course.

Data for Policy 2024

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