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The Hague measures City Rhythm

Analysing social themes in neighbourhoods

Since September 2017, the municipality of The Hague and the Dutch Statistical Institute Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) collaborate in the CBS Urban Data Centre. By linking municipal and CBS data, solutions to social issues such as poverty and changes in health care are researched.

The research project City Rhythm explores the potential of using rhythm-analyses in the physical world and in the related data domain in order to enhance social safety in neighbourhoods in the Netherlands. Rhythm in data can connect to location (instead of persons), thus circumventing the issue of privacy. The results of the rhythm-analysis can be used for example to examine possible ways of helping new residents settle into their neighbourhood by making it easier for people, e.g. migrants, to integrate. Read more about City Rhythm or download the book City Rhythm, logbook of an exploration by Caroline Nevejan.

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