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Harvest the 'Sea of European spatial data' at Inspire Helsinki 2019

Save the date and join one of the four Inspire Helsinki 2019 challenges before 16 August

Register and join Inspire Helsinki 2019 on 22 to 24 October 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. This year, the event aims to harvest the 'Sea of European spatial data' and will focus on how the latest technologies and spatial data can improve decision making and people's day-to-day life.

Inspire Helsinki 2019 has four challenges:

  1. Find the best seaside vacation spot - A challenge that encourages participants to develop solutions to identify the best location for a seaside vacation by taking into consideration factors that travellers look at (i.e. the water visibility and the risk of oil spills from groundings).
  2. Commuting 2.0 - A challenge that aims to help urban living by using data on weather conditions to guide commuters.
  3. Let's make the most out of INSPIRE! - A challenge that targets exploiting the INSPIRE infrastructure by limiting possible inefficiencies in how data is being encoded and/or exposed through network services by EU Member States data providers
  4. By the Beautiful Blue Danube - A challenge that asks, "How can we make waterways and railways more competitive with respect to traditional roads?"

Register and help solve one of these challenges before 16 August! The winners will be awarded at Inspire Helsinki 2019 event in October.

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