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Join our Webinar on Business to Government (B2G) Data Sharing

Save the date and register for the EDP's B2G Data Sharing webinar on 23 May

Join the European Data Portal's (EDP's) webinar on Business to Government (B2G) Data Sharing on 23 May at 09:45 am CET! Learn more about:

  • The benefits of B2G Data Sharing for businesses and public organisations.
  • The challenges of successful B2G data sharing and the different models of B2G Data Sharing.
  • Sustainable and responsible usage of data and future B2G Data Sharing.

The webinar presents three speakers: Stefaan Verhulst from the GovLab, David Osimo from Lisbon Council, and Esther Huyer from the European Data Portal - author of the report B2G Data Sharing.

Register and join us on 23 May to discuss B2G Data Sharing!

For more information about the webinar and stay up to date, follow the European Data Portal on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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