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JournalismAI Festival

The London School of Economics presents the results of their JournalismAI project

Today marks the launch of a week-long event, hosted by Polis – a think tank of the London School of Economics and Politics (LSE): the JournalismAI Festival.

Since the start of 2019, the JournalismAI project has developed into a global network and inspired a wealth of interesting discussions on artificial intelligence (AI) and the role this technology plays in journalism. JournalismAI is a project that aims to bring journalism and artificial intelligence together, specifically addressing how the technology can benefit newsrooms and serve as a means to connect to others in the field.  For more information watch the session “Data Talks: JournalismAI”.

The JournalismAI Festival, running up until December 11, celebrates the breakthroughs the industry has witnessed and keep the discussion around the topic alive. At the event, the results from the JournalismAI project will be presented, followed by a showcase of some of the most innovative case examples and tools around the globe. Additionally, panel talks with experts from the journalism and AI domain will provide a means to connect with peers who share an interest in strengthening the future of journalism with AI.

Join this opportunity to connect to the global network.

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