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New data portals harvested in 2022!

The open data network expanded with seven new data portals on in 2022

With the increasing interest in open data and analytics, more portals are being created to collect data from specific topics or sources in one place. This not only increases the availability of data, but also makes specific data easier to find. In 2022, harvested seven new portals:

  • Europeana: contains over 4000 digital cultural heritage collections, such as books or films, from institutions across Europe.
  • The data catalogue of The Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM): contains all geospatial data relevant to HELCOM (an intergovernmental organisation protecting the Marine environment of the Baltic Sea Area) such as status assessments and shipping density maps.
  • The Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying of Austria’s catalogue (Datenkatalog BEV): contains more than 500 geographic datasets of Austria.
  • International Council or the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) Metadata Catalogue: contains geospatial data of the Seas of Europe.
  • Your Open DAta (YODA): gives access to data of common interest among European citizens and allows the  creation of personalized dashboards by collecting several data sources in one place. It is offered in a machine-readable format and is suitable for the development of smart city applications, among other use cases.
  • European Environmental Agency (EEA SDI) catalogue: contains datasets produced, acquired and published by the European Environment Agency, for example on land use and atmospheric conditions.
  • Open Map for Europe (EuroGeographics): provides maps of more than 40 European countries. The datasets are created using official maps, geospatial data, and land information from official national sources.

Curious to know more about the specific portals and their use cases? In the upcoming weeks, we will be highlighting each week a specific portal in our news pieces and on social media to give you a better understanding of its content and use cases.

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