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Open Data solutions for the government?

Polish cities discuss the potential

While Polish cities such as Gdansk and Warsaw have already embraced Open Data for its benefits, not yet all local Polish governments have the same understanding or are even sceptical to Open Data. To further spread the awareness and knowledge about the potential of Open Data at the city level, representatives from both Gdansk and Warsaw argued such scepticism is a big mistake. With a number of examples from their own cities, they make a case why Open Data not only serves citizens but also the officials working for a city.

The speakers still see many public officials who perceive Open Data as an unnecessary gadget or something without added value for themselves. Slowly however, a cultural change is going through the office premises leading to a higher appreciation and understanding of Open Data. This has already triggered cities to share Open Data sets through platforms such as the portal 'Open Gdansk'. With the creation of data warehouses like this, developers can browse freely through the available data which has resulted in new unforeseen applications with benefits for the citizens and officials. For example in Warsaw, the sharing of Open Data led to the development of 19115 City Contact Centre through which residents can report issues in the city. By collecting and categorising these issues digitally and openly, the city was able to develop a more efficient and transparent tracking system serving both citizens and officials.

Read this article on Gdansk & Warsaw to get to know more about their Open Data Policies and the benefits it can bring for both the citizens and its service.

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