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Paris plans to become Open by Default

Working on the digital transformation of the region 'Ile de France'

On the 16th of June, the region 'Ile de France' home to Paris, adopted a report on how to truly open up their public data. To underline the political support, this must be done by the introduction of the "Open by Default" dogma in its data policy. To oversee this process, a Chief Data Officer or Data Director will be appointed.

The 'Ile de France' region already has an Open Data policy since 2013 but according to regional Head of Digital Service Innovation, Christophe Libert, this policy has remained too modest in its implementation. While there is a functioning portal with 640 datasets, the quality of this data is not consistent and there is little political support for Open Data. The report also mentions the lack of a central information system leading to a multitude of ways how the authorities publish their data and a heterogeneity in quality and nature. With the President of the region backing this report, the region now has the political support to make the next steps in Open Data, become a frontrunner and fully reap the benefits of Open Data. Want to know more about the developments? Follow the link below.

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