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Report out of and EC workshop on interoperability and standards for the data economy

On 14 March 2016, the Data Value Chain Unit at DG CONNECT, European Commission, facilitated a workshop in Luxembourg. Its workshop was to explore the interoperability and standards in the European Data Economy and find important aspects that should be included in the future EU policy. The participants were invited based on their expertise and responsibilities in the domain of the workshop.

In the morning the 32 participants of the workshop briefly exchanged on their respective work and goals. After that the current initiatives in operability and standards for the European Data Economy were explained, which were followed by breakout sessions to discuss these. Three main topics were discussed to identify cross-cutting issues. These topics, resulting from a questionnaire sent out prior to the workshop, were: Big Data interoperability, interoperability of Big Data technologies and interoperability enablers for data access, sharing and reuse.

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