Measuring open data impact in Europe |
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Measuring open data impact in Europe

Measuring the impact of open data is a challenge both in Europe and globally. Initiatives exist, including the methodologies used by, the OECD and the World Wide Web Foundation as well as a variety of national approaches. But each has its strengths and weaknesses.

This webinar aims to provide an overview of these methods, with the goal to encourage further thinking and improvements so that impact can be measured better in future.



Which methods and approaches are used to measure the impact of open data in Europe? What can we learn from other European institutions that assess open data impact? What could help measure the impact of open data more accurately?

This webinar aims to answer those questions and give inspiration for improving existing methodologies. Following a short introduction, guest speakers from national open data teams in Europe will present real-life examples of how they measure open data impact. The webinar will close with a panel discussion and a Q & A session.

Our speakerlist:

  • Joanna Malczewska, Counselor, Data Management Department, Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Poland
  • Antonin Garrone, Product Owner, Etalab-DINUM-Prime Minister's Office, France

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