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AgID published Italian INSPIRE Registry

Effectively managing reference codes

In November 2017, the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) has published the Italian INSPIRE Registry. The launch was carried out in cooperation with the National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) and the Ministry of Environment.

The success of authoritative reference codes depends on providing these codes in an open and consistent way, so that they can be readily reused in information systems. Reference codes can be seen as key 'semantic assets' that enable data interoperability by clearly referring to concepts. Lists and descriptions that provide unique identifiers for such items are referred to as registers. The systems and software that support the management of registers are known as registries.

The Italian INSPIRE Registry is based on the Re3gistry software, an open source tool for the management of reference codes developed by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) through the ARE3NA and ELISE actions of the ISA/ISA2 programme. This tool was needed to share the codes in the INSPIRE's reference registers.

The Re3gistry software has been developed in a context-neutral way as an open source project, so that it can be deployed or further developed for any sector wanting to have authentic reference data/codes made available for information systems and human users. More information on the Re3gistry can be found on the Joinup website of the European Commission and via this Italian news article.

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