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AIPARK: a German application using real-time traffic data

AIPARK provides live parking assistance based on data from millions of connected vehicles and parking facilities

AIPARK is a German application that enables drivers to find available parking spaces in crowded cities around the world. The application is available in 500 cities across 15 countries and allows cities to optimise the usage of parking spots and reduces the amount of traffic in cities. AIRPARK consists of three features:

  • on-street, which informs drivers about predicted and current parking availabilities;
  • off-street, which enables drivers to compare details of parking facilities, such as opening times and prices; and
  • parking assistant, which advises drivers about available parking options and helps users to navigate accordingly.

AIRPARK uses real-time traffic data and provides customised and personalised advice by making use of artificial intelligence (AI). For example, AI analyses the real-time traffic data and calculates the probability of finding an available parking spot in different street segments, garages, and underground parking facilities.

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