General open data news on the EDP will be temporarily suspended |
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General open data news on the EDP will be temporarily suspended

The EDP team will be publishing news focusing on open data insights on COVID-19

Update from the European Data Portal (EDP) team.

The EDP will focus on writing and publishing content dedicated to COVID-19 for the upcoming weeks, in order to contribute to the global effort fighting the virus.

The news will be presented in the format of data stories about the use of open data in response to the pandemic across Europe. The aim of this focus is to share knowledge gained from open data initiatives about COVID-19 and to show the value of open data in finding solutions during this medical alert.

Knowledge gained from open data insights can improve the coordinated response to COVID-19 in Europe and help to curb the spread of the disease and flatten the curve. The EDP team encourages everyone, especially health researchers and government officials, to share more open data on COVID-19 with us via the channels below and to use the open data already available on the portal.

Explore the COVID-19 segment of the EDP and read our first data story introducing the section and on the available COVID-19 datasets on the portal. 

Subscribe to our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and our newsletter to stay up to date on any relevant data stories about COVID-19. In addition, please contact the EDP team in case you have any questions regarding open data and the COVID-19 response and / or want to share open data research on COVID-19 in your country.

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