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Help shape the European health data space!

European Commission invites stakeholders to public health consultation

The European Commission invites members of the public, organisations, and stakeholders in the digital and public health sector to a consultation on the European health data space (EHDS). The access to, and exchange of, health data is vital to ensure the availability and affordability of health care and to support the creation of innovative solutions that make use of digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, collecting and re-using health data is often challenging as it involves personal data. 

For this public consultation, the Commission particularly calls upon national public health, digital health and data protection authorities, data authorisation bodies, healthcare professionals and providers, health insurers, patients and civil society organisations, research institutions, ethics committees, trade unions, and digital, pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. 

Contributions to this consultation will help the Commission gain important insights, opinions, and evidence for the creating the EDHS, and identify problems to be tackled, and policy options to be considered. Submit your views before 26 July and help design the European health data space!  

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