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MEx: The metadata exchange platform

Discover a platform that facilitates the re-use of healthcare research data in Germany


On 5 July 2022, the metadata exchange platform (MEx) was launched in Potsdam, Germany. MEx is a digital platform that maps metadata on research activities and (open) research data centred around healthcare at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in a transparent way, with the aim of facilitating data reuse. The platform is aimed  to encourage academic discussions amongst scholars, researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence to accelerate research and innovation, data journalists, and others interested in healthcare research. MEx is the first joint public health project of the Potsdam-based non-profit health tech company Data4Life and the RKI and is being developed jointly by teams from both organisations.  

MEx provides a central and comprehensive overview of existing research activities within the RKI and is based on their metadata. The platform supports RKI employees to adhere to the FAIR principles (findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reuse), and contributes to the open data strategy of the German government. Currently, the MEx platform is in the developing phase. A public launch is expected after an internal implementation at the RKI.

Interested to learn more? Watch the introduction to MEx video and explore MEx on the RKI website.


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