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Open Data to help fight corruption

The Open Data Charter works on an Anti Corruption-Sector Package

The International Open Data Charter is an international multi-stakeholder network promoting the global spread and adoption of Open Data. To realise the full potential of Open Data, the network has formulated six principles in its charter. These principles, such as Open by Default, provide a foundation for governments to either improve existing Open Data policies or to formulate a new Open Data policy.

At the moment, the Technical Working Group of this network is coordinating an initiative to develop practical resources focused on the use of Open Data in particular domains. The first domain in which the Open Data benefits will be further explored is the fight against corruption. This will include examining the mechanisms in which data can be utilised by law enforcement for anti-corruption efforts, but also how to effectively communicate what is done with the data. By sharing the relevant information as Open Data it also enables to include actors from all backgrounds, from public to private sector and from the inclusion of the media and civil sector, in the fight against corruption.

To develop recommendations and tools to use Open Data more effectively for preventing, detecting, investigating or sanctioning corruption, the Open Data Charter launched an open consultation. In this open consultation everybody was invited to share their experiences in or ideas on using data for anti-corruption purposes. Based on this input, the Technical Working group will further develop this package. Do you want to stay updated about the work on the anti-corruption sector or be informed when the Open Data Charter launches a new open consultation? Find out more about their activities by following the link below.

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