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Open Tourism days in Denmark

Bringing Open Data and the travel industry together

Create the future of tourism with Open Data! On 5, 6 and 7 May 2017 the Open Tourism days take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is a three-day hackathon dedicated to innovation, tourism and data. Open Data, research institutions, developers and entrepreneurs will be brought together to work on the most pressing challenges within the tourism industry.

To generate more value from the visitors Denmark already has attracted, visitors need to be inspired to do more, stay longer and/or to return again. The first step is to use data and visitor insights to identify and remove weaknesses. Not just to improve visitor satisfaction levels - but to minimise the path-to-purchase, and to increase the desire to recommend and return. Open Data can provide insights in these challenges. Participants will work on these specific challenges, and organisations within the tourism industry are invited to share the most pressing issues or opportunities within their field. As a result of the hackathon, it is expected that they gain new perspectives and actual suggestions for solutions to their challenges.

The registration deadline is the 21st April. There are a limited number of seats. Want to know more? Visit

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