The recent Facebook scandal impacts Open Data development |
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The recent Facebook scandal impacts Open Data development

Facebook's data privacy scandal is used to slow down plans for further data opening and data-sharing

Facebook has faced intense criticism after it emerged that it had known for years that Cambridge Analytica had collected data from millions of its users, but had relied on the London-based firm to self-certify that it had deleted the information. Facebook believes the data of up to 87 million people was improperly shared with the political consultancy in London. The issue gains international attention and raises insecurity about sharing data. Moreover, the incident is used by several parties to support their own interest, for example to slow down the open banking development. Commonwealth Bank has pointed to Facebook's data privacy scandal as it urged the federal government to slow down a plan to introduce a data-sharing regime in financial services. This shows that there is still a lack of awareness for data privacy, open data, and different methods of anonymising data. The report Open Data and Privacy sheds further light on this critical topic.

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