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What makes a city smart?

The initiative FIWARE zone identified factors that make a city truly smart

A Smart City makes use of new information and communication technologies to generate and re-use large amounts of data. Thereby Smart Cities save costs, improve efficiency in the use of resources, offer new services and promote renewable technologies and innovation. Although many cities use the term Smart City, there are no clear indicators of being truly smart. Therefore, the initiative Fiware zone discussed which factors make a city a Smart City. Reducing costs, offering new services and using technology efficiently indeed are some of the key aspects of Smart City, but there are other, more tangible indicators that could be implemented to identify Smart Cities. Examples are:

  • Variety of means of transportation and electric vehicles;
  • Windmills in streetlights;
  • Solar panels for traffic lights or signals;
  • Promotion and development of bicycle use;
  • Use of applications for municipal procedures.

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