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Open food data on the European Data Portal

Discover food-related datasets and use cases from different European countries

Open food data

The European Data Portal (EDP) offers over 79,000 datasets related to food. For example:


Open food data use cases

The EDP has eleven examples of use cases that use open data related to food. For example, the application Alim'confiance and the platform DataBio.

Alim'confiance is a French service that enables users to find information on sanitation levels in the different food chains in France. The application shows users four levels of hygiene: excellent, satisfactory, needs improvement, and needs urgent attention. The classification is based on information in sanitation inspection reports on the hygiene level of different restaurants. In addition to reports, Alim'confiance uses French national and local geodata to identify different food shops such as bakeries and restaurant locations. These locations are then visualised on a map in the application with information on the establishments' sanitation level.

DataBio is a Belgian platform that is part of the Data-driven Bioeconomy (DataBio) iniative. DataBio focuses on the production of the best possible raw materials for agriculture, forestry, and fishery for the bioeconomy industry. Their aim is to support the bieconomy industry to produce food, energy, and biomaterials whilst taking into account corporate social responsibility and sustainability. The platform uses data to increase the bioeconomy industries market share by improving their data management services - including helping sea resources management, increasing fishing yield value, and improving forest health.

For more examples, look at the European Data Portal's datasets and use cases from different European countries. If you know of any open food data use cases, share them with us via mail, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to stay up to date!