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Real-time data 2022: Approaches to integrating real-time data sources in

Read our latest report exploring the potential of real-time data in conjunction with the portal


Real-time data includes all data providing up-to-date information about the environment surrounding individuals, such as traffic, weather, environmental pollution, or natural hazards. This type of data is therefore essential for providing citizens with detailed information on public transportation, live updates on traffic jams and available parking lots, as well as many other practical insights that can make daily life easier. Not surprisingly, the European Directive on open data and the re-use of public sector information puts specific emphasis on opening up real-time data, and continuously supports the publishing and the re-usability of this type of data.

In this context, the report ´Real-time data 2022: Approaches to integrating real-time data sources in` was published with the aim of following up to the data.europa academy webinar on real-time data on 5 April 2022.

Building on the content presented during this webinar, the report offers on the one hand a short overview of information and technologies relevant to share real-time data, including for example specific standards and APIs. On the other hand, the publication summarises the main findings of the questions and feedback from the webinar participants with respect to needs for data, types of data sources, and required functionalities. Finally, the report recommends a set of short-term and medium-term actions to further improve the discoverability and preview of real-time data sources via

Curious to learn more about these recommendations? Read the full report!


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