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Unlocking value from Open Data

Session Overview: This session looks at how Open Data can be matched to public and private sector agendas and explores a number of examples of Open Data impact from across Europe and the world.

Session number: 2

Expected participants: Relevant to all

Type: Training or Presentation

Length: 1 - 1.5 hours

Exercises: No

Web based exercises: No

What to bring: Slides, Web-Connected Laptop


Session Flow:

  1. Categories of Open Data benefit - Facilitator should outline the main classes of benefit from Open Data: Improved transparency & accountability, innovation & economic growth, increased efficiency and lower costs.
  2. Exchange of examples - Participants should provide their own case studies of Open Data benefit and discuss which of the benefit categories they best correspond to.
  3. Curated case studies - Facilitator should guide participants through a series of localised and diverse case studies to highlight different benefit classes and operational details of the initiatives.



Below ia a collection of case studies that can be featured in your discussions with participants and complemented by your own:

Creating Income

  • GoOV App - Transport app from the Netherlands created during a hackathon and now an independent business
  • TransportAPI - Start-up processing transport data from the UK into a unified API feed. Used by diverse businesses as a reliable source of clean data
  • OpenCorporates - Start-up collating global Open Data from company directories. Uses innovative ‘pay to close’ licence to charge corporate projects while remaining free to those who publish their results as Open Data
  • Finnish SME Growth - Case study from Finland on economic impact of SMEs given access to open geospatial data which found 15% faster growth vs. paid-for solutions

Improved Service Delivery

  • Paris Coffee Shops Map - Open Data map of Paris showing coffee prices and helping to drive custom toward competitively priced retailers
  • Icelandic Lamb Map - Open Data map showcasing the quality of lamb providers in Iceland

Greater Transparency

  • London Fire Labs - Study by Open Data Institute that helped to highlight the rationale for closing certain fire stations in terms of the emergency response time.
  • Hungarian Right to Know Portal - Interactive Freedom of Information portal helping citizens access and browse past requests

Lower Costs

  • Prescription Drug Savings UK - Study from the United Kingdom that used Open Data to highlight £200 million potential saving from the use of generic rather than brand name drugs
  • French energy efficiency - Open dashboard on energy generation & consumption within France

Environmental/Social Outcomes

  • Plantwise - Interactive map of global plant diseases, crops and fertilisers allowing anyone to explore emerging challenges and generate solutions
  • Haiti OpenStreetMap - Open mapping project to assist first responders after the Haiti earthquake to locate victims and deliver aid
  • OpenGLAM - Cultural library of worldwide museum collections


Companion eLearning Modules:

When running this session, we recommend that participants complete the following eLearning module before attending:

Unlocking value from Open Data

Completion of the module will help your learners develop a shared understanding of the material before the course and allow you to focus in greater depth on those topics of most interest to the trainees.

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