Discover which European countries are ready to use aggregated health data |
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European data
Η επίσημη πύλη ευρωπαϊκών δεδομένων
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Discover which European countries are ready to use aggregated health data

Explore the new tool and report by the Open Data Institute

‘Secondary use of health data’ refers to the use of health data that is aggregated across the population, collected through electronic health records, health insurance claims data and health registry data for instance, to improve personal care planning, medicines development, safety monitoring, research, and policymaking.

How ready is your country for such use of health data? Find out in the new interactive tool and report by the Open Data Institute (ODI), which gauges the policy readiness of countries across Europe for the secondary use of health data.

With this report, the ODI benchmarks how ready the policy of the European Commission and of each country is, and provides rankings, country scorecards, in-depth country profiles, as well as best practices and recommendations. It also identifies policy opportunities, policy needs, and ways forward for a wide range of communities, going from patient groups to competition regulators. The work done by ODI showcases that the European health data policy environment can truly improve by working together.

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