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ENDORSE 2023 – charting a roadmap for data interoperability and knowledge-sharing

Learn more about how the ENDORSE 2023 conference aims to open new pathways for knowledge management for digital transformation

High dynamism and rapid innovation underpin the digital transformation of public administrations. As benefits of knowledge sharing are numerous, overcoming organisational silos by sharing best practices and lessons learned is crucial. Interoperable Europe, supported by Digital Europe Programme, is launching the second online edition of the ENDORSE (European Data Conference on Reference Data and Semantics) conference on 14 to 16 March 2023.

Knowledge sharing in organisations is directly related to the production, dissemination and reuse of data and the creation, curation and sharing of multilingual reference data. Throughout these processes, IT and semantic solutions are deployed along with technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Despite that, silos tend to remain.

Furthermore, the availability of vast amounts of data will increase the data complexity at an unprecedented rate. Therefore, the need to build on semantics is even more paramount. This conference will address these organisational silos that harm the interoperability and retrievability of data in knowledge sharing and aim to handle future data workloads and bridge business intelligence and artificial intelligence.

The first ENDORSE conference in 2021 marked an important step to surpass these silos and created a much-needed event on standards, semantics and interoperability. Contributions from various sources such as researchers, the EU and national public administrations highlighted numerous innovative projects and large-scale activities.

The second conference is also expected to create a huge impact. It will unify various stakeholders working in the arena of data and semantic interoperability such as experts, researchers, data providers, national public services and universities, international and intergovernmental organisations and the private sector to explore the latest trends in multilingual reference data. 

Join the conference to explore the latest trends and become a part of an active and forward-looking community of international professionals. 

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