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French Open Data Trophies

Which public body is best in opening and re-using data?

With the adoption of the Draft law for a Digital Republic (Projet de loi pour une République numérique) the French government is embracing Open Data as a key element in its policies. The law is expected to lead to a number of new guidelines and obligations for all levels of the French public administrations to start publishing Open Data. This will lead to an increase in the number of data sets made available in France offering civic organisations, entrepreneurs and other public bodies the opportunity to transform this raw material into a source of innovation.

To measure the progress made in both the publication of Open Data and facilitation of re-use by local public bodies, La Gazette des Communes and Opendata France are organising a competition to award the best performing French local authority. The competition will award initiatives related to the publication of public data at the French local level, recognising both the work of state administrations, public institutions and citizens associations. The award criteria will take into account creation of portals, efforts to standardise or enrich the data but also the sheer volume of Open Data published. Attention will also be given to the inclusion of the civil sector and how people working with or re-using Open Data can be trained.

The awards will be announced and handed out during the Digital Forum for Local Authorities (Forum Numérique des Collectivités Locales), taking place on 17 November in Paris. Want to know more about this competition or even participate? Read everything about it by following the link below.

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