Germany publishes Data Protection Guide for Open Data |
Παράκαμψη προς το κυρίως περιεχόμενο
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Η επίσημη πύλη ευρωπαϊκών δεδομένων

Germany publishes Data Protection Guide for Open Data

How to overcome legal barriers?

As indicated in a recent EDP report on barriers in working with Open Data, legal aspects sometimes prevent data holders from opening up their data. This is particularly true when privacy concerns play a role. With the forthcoming adoption of the Open Data Act, Germany wishes to address these concerns and take the next steps in their Open Data journey.

In Germany there is a high degree of privacy and a strong public interest in the protection of privacy. The Stiftung Neue Verantwortung has therefore published a practical guide on how to deal with data protection issues when working with Open Data. The guide consists of two main sections. In the first section, the guide provides six general recommendations on the framework conditions for the protection of fundamental rights. The second part provides a toolbox which makes concrete suggestions on how to organise processes before, during and after the opening of data, and which tools can be used to adequately address data protection risks.

The guide is illustrated with practical examples and best practices from other countries. Would you like to discover the guide and learn from the recommendations and guidelines provided? The guide is available here. A European report on privacy issues in working with Open Data is available here.

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